Medical doctors have traditionally been reluctant to recommend natural and herbal health products,
Even though the usage of herbal preparations dates from the earliest written time!


Most doctors, particularly from the older school, were not taught about herbal or natural healing, or did not receive any extensive learning on this subject in medical school.

As such most Doctors on qualifying, unless they had a personal interest in natural medicines, did not embrace this as they enter their medical profession.

So one would not expect someone that has no learned experience in something, to actually promote it, or put their reputation on the line accordingly.

For a Doctor to recommend a product, He should;

1. Trust the brand
2. Understand the mechanisms of the product.
3. Be sure of the safety and efficacy of the product.
4. Be confident that this product is the best option for the patient.

In the case of herbal preparations, this decision is further complicated if the prescribing doctor is unknowledgeable about the base science of the product. In this case herbal medicine.

A New Era.

The advent of Pfizer's Viagra TM, has opened up two important era's in the industry of Erectile Dysfunction in men.

1. It has openly highlighted the magnitude of this affliction.
Prior to this most were not aware of the scale of it, as it was a closed book subject and never discussed or disclosed by those who had it.
Now it is accepted, There is now less taboo associated with it and sufferers are more openly seeking a cure for it as the attached stigma itself reduces.
2.Viagra TM has for a great number, returned the ability of the previously impotent male to once again perform.

So Pfizer's Viagra TM did a lot of good for the Erectile Dysfunction suffering men folk of the world, we will give them that credit, for sure!.

Some draw backs of course to Viagra were;

1. A prescription by a Doctor was required
2. Expensive to many
3. Known side effects.
4. Non precribeable to patients with certain underlying medical conditions

Of course a few years later we also saw the advent of Lilly ICOS' Cialis (tadalafil) and Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline's Levitra (vardenafil) joining the ranks of Viagra TM in the scheduled medicines market place.

Where does Herbal Fit into in all this!

In pre Viagra years, Erectile Dysfunction was such a closed book subject. Very little was said about it. It was a taboo subject!

Even for a sufferer of Erectile Dysfunction to approach his local doctor about the problem in those years was a nightmare and it often remained a closely guarded secret.

Of course the launch of Viagra TM In the USA in 1998 had such huge media attention, that the industry as a whole, was spawned virtually overnight by this extensive world wide attention.

Suddenly every product old and new came out the closet, as manufacturers frantically vied for a piece of a hugely lucrative market associated with Viagra's sales success.

Simultaneously every chemist and chemist wannabe was hard at work trying to conger up the next Viagra TM equivalent.

As with anything where huge demand is present, there will always be the thousands of opportunists who will endeavor to try and cash in on this.

The "herbal Viagra" market is no exception to this rule. In fact far from it!

The net result is the flooding into the market place of Herbal Pills, Potions, and the like, all claiming to be a cure or treatment for Erectile Dysfunction! Most of these are junk, fake products that do nothing!

Just look at the spam email flooding your e-mail box! - Probably 90% or more of this spam is related to the same industry we are discussing here!

Traditional medicines based on, Chinese Traditional Medicine "CTM", Indian Natural Medicine "Ayurvedic", African Traditional medicines "Muti", and a host of other traditional medicines from other countries and regions, have for many decades, even centuries in some cases, prior to the advent of Viagra, have been used successfully to treat and reduce the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction in men in their respective countries.

The Western world has previously shunned and blocked out remedies by these Traditional & Cultural healers for all time, until just recently.
In most cases the Western world never even knew about these sucessful traditional medicines.
Only when in the wake of Viagra's sales successes, did people start to seek far and wide for products they could obtain to market as rival to Viagra.
This opened a completerly new exposure to hidden herbal medicinal treasures, from far away lands!

Doctors who had heard about these natural cures in the past and who had prviously just frowned upon them and brushed them aside, now are taking a positive interest in them!

But with this mass influx of herbal preparations all pertaining or perporting to cure the effects of Erectile Dysfunction, it is no wonder the consumer is confused and no wonder Doctors are confused

It also is a major problem for the Regulatory Health Authorities, who are now scratching their heads, trying to work out how to regulate and stem this mass of fake products entering the market place at such a rapid pace.

Beware the Alchemists!

Becasue Herbal Supplements and Remedies are a relatively unregulated industry in most countries.

Anyone claiming to be a herbal expert, can make and market herbal preparations with relative ease.

Some of these in the past, and present, are made next to the kitchen sink, at homes, in dirty utensils, with dirty ungloved fingers, filling capsules in unsanitary conditions.

Most of these products contain concoctions, where no formal testing or trials has been carried out.
These products are often identifiable by the rudamentary poor quality labelling and cheap packaging! But not always!

These are dangerous people making dangerous products that may have harmful bacteria that can make you ill, or even kill you!
Exercise caution if your are suspicious of a product.

It is people practicing the above, that unfortunately gives the herbal industry a bad reputation!

How does a doctor choose what to prescribe!

In many cases Doctor rely on the input of Medical representatives to bring them up to date of new drug trends, which obviously has an influence on their decision for prescribing new medicines.

Then on the other hand there is patient demand.
Patients often request a prescription for a particular medicine they may have seen on TV, in a glossy magazine, or heard about from a friend.

Neither of these options is necessarily conducive to prescribing what is best for the patient! It is all driven by outside biased influence! At the ultimate cost of the patient in the long run!

Fortunately many of today's "new era" doctors, now take natural remedies more seriously and often research new products themselves.

Many Doctors are now taking the time to study herbal formulas. Some partake in, or observer results from many clinical trials that are being carried out on herbal methods around the world by leading researchers.
It is these clinical trials, with favourable results which is proving the favourable efficacy and effectiveness of herbal and natural health compositions.

As herbal research increases, and as analytical techniques are advancing more significantly, this is allowing for the identification and finding of new active constituents in individual herbs. This is constantly breaking new ground for herbal researchers.

Consumers themselves are also becoming more aware of available herbal alternatives through internet learning.

Gone are the days where a patient had to reply solely on what the local Doctors says as being gospel in terms of available treatments!

A few clicks of the mouse and a patient can see adverse effects reported on a particular drug, or even interact with prior users of these medications.

These are all part of the mechanisms in place that is influencing many health conscious consumers to research safer alternatives.

Is this not perhaps the reason that you are currently reading this article?

There will always be a divide between doctors prescribing natural medicine vs prescribing modern scheduled medicine.

We believe this division will continue to widen in time ahead, in favour of naturally derived alternatives, fuelled mainly by consumer demand.
Simply because consumers are becoming more aware of what they wash down their throats!

The desire for longevity is not a thought anymore, it is a passionate desire by many!
And what you put in today will effect what you get out tomorrow!

Plus, let us not forget that many of today's modern medicines, are actually based on herbal or natural extracts, or synthesized from information gleaned originally from a herbal extract!

Most people are not aware of this. Some money sucking drug companies, do not want you to know about it either!

So as an Erectile Dysfunction sufferer, don't believe that herbal cannot work for you.

You just have to unfortunately sift through the huge pile of ineffective fake products out there and find what is actually effective and going to work for you, both in the short term and in the long term!.

Of course, you could just try Panalt first and save yourself a lot of time, and otherwise wasted money!
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