Question What is Panalt Capsules?
Answer Panalt is a male vitality supplement formulated to assist those with low male vitality.
Question What Side Effects are there?
Answer There are no major side effects reported.
Question What would I expect if I took the product?
Answer Panalts primarily purpose is to supplement the body where there is symptoms of low male vitality.
It must be respected that those with "chronic" condition should rather consult with a doctor, who may prescribe a prescription medication.
This does not of course mean we don't believe Panalt may assist, it is just in the presence of a chronic condition, Panalt cannot assist to the expectations of a stronger prescription medication.
Question How long is the Capsules effective for?
Answer This depends on many factors. Some users have reported effect for up to 36 hours, however this would not be achieved in some individuals with different underlying conditions.
Question Does the product help females?
Answer Panalt would offer no benefit to female users.
Question Will I be able to perform better?
Answer Panalt is a supplement, its effectiveness is dependent on many factors, but Panalts popularity over the years speaks volumes to this question.
Question Once I take Panalt, Will I experience involantory arousal?
Answer Whilst spontaneous arrousal can sometimes occur, the answer is actually no.

Panalt purely supplements and thereby assists when stimulation or desire occurs.