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Panalt is NAPPI Coded so it is claimable on most leading Medical Aid Schemes.
Or ask your Doctor to prescribe Panalt for you today!

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    Are you fed up with expensive prescription medications that give you terrible side effects?

Or have you wasted your money trying other products that do absolutely nothing for you!

Now you have the choice of an effective alternative, formulated specifically for you
Simply Put!, Get the benefits: - Without the same side effects.
  Panalt Super Check List   

  Panalt works within 60 minutes
  Effects of up to 36 hours or more are known
  No known side effects
  Sold into over 30 countries world wide
  NAPPI Coded - Claimable on your Medical Aid*

  Say goodbye to: Low Libido
  Say goodbye to: Performance anxiety!
  Say hello to: Stronger for longer
  Say hello to: Performance confidence
  Say hello to: More control

  Power Formula  
Panalt capsules are formulated with 9 herbs and vitamins, specifically formulated for effectiveness and performance.

Only ingredients selected for their purity and potency are used in this advanced formula.

  Panalt the performer  
The fast acting, long lasting effect, makes Panalt popular with users.

Panalt is generally well tolerated.

Our long standing return customer base is testimony to the products performance and popularity!

Panalts predictable performance has made it a favourite, enjoying sales into over 30 countries worldwide.
  Synergistic Formula  
  A balanced formulation, using the advantage of a synergistic effect, fortified with bioavailability enhancers, resulting in increased performance of each of the individual ingredients, bolstering the desired performance of the formula overall.

Panalts ultimate efficacy is further improved by the use of modern extraction processing of key ingredients!
The result is a formula with a synergistic effect, that works quicker and more effectively.

  Just take when it is needed  
Formulated for convenience!
Panalt is taken 60 - 90 minutes before the required time!

Panalts blister pack is quartered, So you can tear one "sealed" capsule off and keep it handy, just in case the need arises!
  Doctor Confidence  
More and more Doctors and Pharmacists are recommending Panalt. Particularly to patients who have experienced severe side effects from strong prescription medications.
Panalt has grown in popularity with users who want a product as a non-prescription alternative.

Panalt does not require a prescription, however, it is NAPPI Coded and approved for payment with participating Medical Aids Schemes.
Get your Panalt today and claim back your purchase...!
  Panalt Flexible Ordering Options  
Order using our secure SSL encrypted online shopping cart
Alternatively Use the Paypal option to purchase
Order using our secure SSL encrypted online shopping cart
Alternatively use the Paypal option to purchase

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Courier delivery in South Africa only 2 - 5 days, depending on location - Includes FREE Insurance,,!

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